Stop Betting on “Gut Feeling”.

Start Crushing the Odds with Analytics

Stop Betting on

“Gut Feeling”

Start Crushing the Odds with Analytics

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This Isn’t For You…

Crush The Books

If you want to be the 1 in a million success story that turns his last dollar into a fortune, then Crush The Books isn’t for you.

There’s enough sports pick services claiming a 100% success rate already, all hyped up on the latest betting buzzwords and willing to sucker you into their service, and out of your last dollar. If you want to throw down your hard-earned money while a slick salesman pockets it after promising you a dream…this isn’t for you.

Still here? Good. You know that sports betting isn’t a gut feeling, but a science. Our algorithmic systems have been designed and honed over the previous decade to deliver consistently profitable results for thousands of customers and elite-coaching clients.

We don’t claim to go 20-0. But we’ll go 17-3, and crush the books on every win, turning you into a data-driven gambler, with the insight and advantages to grow your wealth.

Jiwan Emre

Why Choose Crush The Books?

Founder Jiwan Emre has been gambling since he was 4 years old. Fascinated by data and analytics, he turned a $1,000 investment into a six-figure company that takes the guesswork out of gambling. Consistently earning 5-figures each week, you can enjoy the same results if you’re ready to crush the books.

Full Transparency Picks

We pride ourselves on transparency. That’s why we don’t lose – we only learn.

Our wins and losses aren’t inflated or hidden, they’re accurate data sets that recognize the reality of occasional losses.

All within a framework designed to reduce risk, and offset each loss with bigger wins to leave you in the black, and making money.

Big Potential

Betting blind is for amateurs and weekend warriors.

With Crush The Books you can turn your passion into a profitable past-time. Choose to play it safe and make pocket money on your favorite teams…

Or go BIG and enjoy a major payout. With picks for all styles of players, there’s always an option to suit your needs.

Sports Handicapping Picks

With over a decade of experience, Crush The Books is built on a lifetime of learning and technology.

Every game, every snap, every tip, is a data point we use to give you the advantage.

Our experienced gambling coaches can teach you how to minimize losses and capitalize when opportunity arises.

Hear From Our Satisfied Sports Bettors?

Not convinced? We get it. Tons of sports handicappers give the industry a bad name. Hear from some of our successful clients instead.

“I’ll be honest I was skeptical at first. After hearing from so many “get rich quick” tipsters and sports bettors I didn’t have high hopes. I’m ecstatic to have been proven wrong. Jiwan has shown me how to apply long term tipping strategies to see results and a hefty bankroll. It’s not about being one and done, but treating your tips as an investment. Thanks again guys, overjoyed at the results”

~ Anthony Treloar

“Making bank and crushing the books. What more can you ask for? As someone with a vested interest in tipping this service has been a game-changer. Love the honesty that Jiwan wears. No one goes 20-0. It’s about minimizing losses and maximizing your wins. I highly recommend Crush The Books for anyone who’s serious about their money and wants to take it to the next level”

~ Terence Kentwell

“Started out throwing the odd bet on the weekend NBA. Now I’ve got a system across all the major leagues that drip feeds money into my bankroll week after week. It’s crazy how much more you enjoy the games when you know there’s a system in place that’s tipping the scales in your favor. If you love sports and you’ve wanted to create a new revenue stream, you’re in the right place”

~ Simon McCormack

Looking to Turn Your Passion into a Personal Investment?

Unlock one-on-one coaching and mentoring?

You either work for money, or your money works for you. Crush The Books offers personalized coaching and mentoring for ambitious individuals ready to pursue gambling as a full-time career.

Our one-on-one packages are personalized to suit your betting tastes and financial goals. With 100% transparency you’ll have access to the same winning systems that transformed a $1,000 investment into the six-figure company you see today.

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We’re open about our methods, our strategies, and our success. If you’d like to know more, or you have a sports betting question, please use the contact form below to get in touch.

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